DiD Awards (Dongguan Cup)

“Dongguan Cup” is the first large-scale international industrial design competition sponsored by the city and hosted by the government. It has been held once a year since 2005 and has been successfully held for 14 times. It has attracted many outstanding designers and enterprises to participate. Developed into one of the most well-known and influential events in the domestic industrial design field.With the theme of “Design Leads Innovation”, the competition promotes the industrial design atmosphere of Dongguan and promotes the integration of design and manufacturing through public collection, selection of works and series of design activities.Since the 14th session of the competition: Enrollment in 23 countries; more than 40,000 entries; more than 26,000 participants; 162 domestic and foreign experts; 124 seminars; 310,000 participants;It has become a first-class and internationally renowned brand comprehensive design competition in China, and has won unanimous praise from all walks of life.In order to give full play to the important supporting works of industrial design in enterprise independent innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading, promote the deep integration of design innovation and industry, and realize the leap from "Dongguan Manufacturing" to "Dongguan Creation" and "Dongguan Smart Manufacturing", the Dongguan Municipal People's Government will hold the 2019 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition.

Relative Activities
  • “Dongguan Cup” Launching Ceremony

    At the beginning of May, the launching ceremony of the 2019 DiD Award (Dongguan Cup) International Industrial Design Competition was held during the Guangdong International Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Expo. The organizing committee of the competition introduced the series of activities and announced the start of the competition.
    At the same time, the Industrial Design Industry Connection Summit Forum was held. Well-known industrial design experts from China mainland, Hong Kong and Macao were invited to share and exchange new ideas on industrial design concepts and practices. They also explored different design innovation models for enterprises, inspiring new ideas for business management and innovation. This largely urged enterprises to understand the new situation, thus promoting the necessity of transformation and upgrading of current manufacturing enterprises.

  • Dongguan International Design Week

    In order to strengthen the integration of the competition and the Dongguan industry, the competition will be deeply integrated with Dongguan's advantageous industries, and jointly host the first Dongguan International Design Week with Dongguan Famous Furniture Club. One of the main activities of this competition is to integrate the design elements into the traditional industry of Dongguan. The design week activities aim to give an example of how design innovation can lead the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. This will serve as a role model for the transformation and development of other traditional industries in Dongguan. Using the pan home industry as a link point, the design and industry will be deeply integrated to show the outstanding design achievements of the furniture manufacturing industry, one of Dongguan's characteristic industries. We will invite famous designers from home and abroad to participate the events in forms of forums, connection activities, design exhibitions, etc. The activities are found in details below

  • Design Workshop (International Design Innovation Summer Camp)

    We will conduct industrial design training and corporate field trips. We will strengthen the communication with leading industrial design countries and regions, and improve the international reputation of “Dongguan Cup”. We will also guide more designers from international design institutions to participate in the competition, as well as attracting more designers from Hong Kong and Macao area. Students from design majors are encouraged to participate in the field trips of Dongguan enterprises, thus having a better understanding of the their needs in order to carry out a suitable industrial design with better commercialization potential.

  • Advanced Industrial Design Seminar

    The advanced industrial design seminar will invite well-known experts in the industry to conduct free training on industrial design for design institutions, corporate designers and students majoring in design, improving their professional skills. It also targets to introduce a group of outstanding designers to Dongguan and cultivate them. It is hoped that they can improve the design profession as a whole and make better connection with enterprises here in Dongguan

  • Design Lecture

    Focusing on the theme of industrial design and industrial integration, we will organize a series of activities named “Design Lecture” globally. Through different topics lectured by famous designers, professors, researchers,etc, we will discuss the trend of industrial design with manufacturing enterprises, design institutions, teachers and students from universities. We aim to build a platform for better communication so as to promote the integration of industry design with local industries.

  • Master Designers Field Trip

    We will organize industrial design experts, designers and design agencies, including those from Hong Kong and Macao, to visit Dongguan industry, especially leading enterprises. This will promote the integration of design and industry. It’s also a good opportunity to promote “Dongguan Cup” as well as introducing excellent industrial design resources to connect with Dongguan industry.

  • “China Great Bay Area Design Tour" Exchange Activities

    Focusing on the city’s strategic goal of becoming a advanced manufacturing center in China great bay area and plan of introducing excellent design resources to Dongguan, we will organize a group of talents from leading enterprises, design agencies and top designers from the Mainland, Hong Kong and Macao to visit the cities with advanced industrial design level: Hong Kong and Macau, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Dongguan, etc. They will visit relevant design organizations and key design institutions to promote communication and collaboration between Dongguan Cup and those leading industrial design agencies. The special focus is on the collaboration with Hong Kong and Macao.

  • “Dongguan Cup” Final Awards Ceremony and Design Carnival Events

    Invite sponsors, organizers, relevant leaders and reviewers, experts and entrepreneurs to give awards to the winners and organizations in this competition.
    The design carnival event includes "Designers’ Night" theme party, excellent works exhibition and other activities.
    At the "Designers’ Night" theme party, experts, award-winning designers, and representatives of award-winning companies will gather to share excellent design concepts and design cases, which is a great communication opportunity for designers, experts and enterprises. There will also be a variety of relaxing performances that has cultural and design elements. A grand dinner will be served as well to invite all parties to enjoy a wonderful night together...

Competition Timeline
  • Launching ceremony

    May. 8th

  • Competition related series of activities

    May to Nov.

  • Registration and entry submission period

    Aug.1st to Oct. 15th

  • Reviewing time

    Oct. 15th -Nov. 15th

  • Awards ceremony

    late Nov.

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